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Understand Ethernet Technology, Switching Fundamental and Industrial Ethernet Switch EKI Series (IC_0000148)


This course focuses on the product basic knowledge and an overall network concept for each function and protocol of EKI switches. Participants will equip the basic network knowledge and how our product plays a role in network applications; mainly aimed at the salesperson or new FAE who don't have much related experience.


1. What is a network switch, and the differences between un-managed switch and managed switch.
2. The concept about OSI 7 Layers model.
3. Understand the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard including the defined Layer 1 & 2 specifications.
4. Understand the Network Layer (Layer 3) definition and be able to calculate the IP address.
5. How the switch perform MAC table learning and how two connected devices communicate with ICMP.


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Course Duration: 100 mins Course Code: IC_0000148 Level: Basic Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

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