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Understand the Implementation of L2 Networking Protocol in EKI-7000/9000 Managed Ethernet Switch (IC_0000158)


This course focuses on the EKI-7700 Layer 2 Managed Switch Series and its technical details. Understand the Layer 2 switch protocols and how it's designed to work on the product; then have the ability to dig out the possible root cause of the problem in an application system; mainly aimed at the channel partner or junior FAE. Participants should fully understand the training slides and make sure they know how to apply every function correctly.


1. The design purpose of Virtual LAN, and how VLAN works under EKI-7700 series.
2. The design purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol, the STP/RSTP algorithm and topology change process, and how to configure them.
3. What's X-Ring Pro, how can it take advantage from redundant network, and the application and restriction of X-Ring Pro.
4. What's Multicast, the design prupose of IGMPv1, v2, v3, and how they work on EKI-7700 series.
5. What's the application scenario of IXM, and how to use it's functionalities.
6. What's QoS, it's implementation process, and how to use it with EKI-7700 series.
7. How SNMP works, what's OID, the difference between the 3 versions of SNMP, and how to use WebAccess/NMS.


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Course Duration: 240 mins Course Code: IC_0000158 Level: Advanced Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Course Units
  • Module2_Virtual_LAN_(VLAN)
  • Module3_Spanning_Tree_Protocol_(STP/RSTP)
  • Module4_Advantech_X-Ring_Pro
  • Module5_Multicast_&_IGMP
  • Module6_Advantech_Intelligent_Cross_Management_(IXM)
  • Module7_Quality_of_Service_(QoS)
  • Module8_SNMP_&_Advantech_WebAccess/NMS
  • Discussion Forum
  • Discussion of L2 Networking Protocol in EKI-7000/9000 Managed Ethernet Switch
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_IC_0000158
  • References
  • Module2_Virtual_LAN_(VLAN)_pdf
  • Module3_Spanning_Tree_Protocol_(STP-RSTP)_pdf
  • Module4_Advantech_X-Ring_Pro_pdf
  • Module5_Multicast_&_IGMP_pdf
  • Module6_Advantech_Intelligent_Cross_Management_(IXM)_pdf
  • Module7_Quality_of_Service_(QoS)_pdf
  • Module8_SNMP_&_Advantech_WebAccess/NMS_pdf
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module2_Virtual_LAN_(VLAN), Module3_Spanning_Tree_Protocol_(STP/RSTP), Module4_Advantech_X-Ring_Pro, Module5_Multicast_&_IGMP, Module6_Advantech_Intelligent_Cross_Management_(IXM), Module7_Quality_of_Service_(QoS), Module8_SNMP_&_Advantech_WebAccess/NMS, Course Feedback Questionnaire_IC_0000158"