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Understand the Implementation of L3 Networking Protocol in EKI-9600/9700 Managed Ethernet Switch (IC_0000159)

Course Summary:
This course focuses on the product knowledge of Layer 3 Managed Switch Series (EKI-9600/9700) along with Layer 3 routing protocol such as OSPF and RIP. Participants will understand the basic knowledge of L3 routing concept and the applications; mainly aimed at the channel partner or senior FAE. Participants should not only focus on the training slides, but also the hands-on and troubleshooting skills to solve real world scenarios.

What Will You Learn?
1. Routing concepts, including: The differences between L2 and L3 switch and Router; how L3 switch plays the role in a planned network; difference between Static and Dynamic Route.
2. What are Static Route and NAT, how to use them on our EKI-9600 L3 switch series, and what actually happened when packets transferred across networks.
3. The concept of Distance Vector Routing Protocol, the RIP algorithm and route exchange process, and the difference between RIP v1 and v2.
4. The concept of Link-State Routing Algorithm and OSPF protocol, and how OSPF works with EKI-9728.
5. The design concept about VRRP and it's operation algorithm, and how to apply it with EKI-9728.

Certification Course
For obtaining the certification of this course, please go to the certification course to take the test:
"Industrial L2/L3 Ethernet Switch EKI-7700/9000 Series - Professional - Online Test"

"Industrial L2/L3 Ethernet Switch EKI-7700/9000 Series - Professional - Hands On"

Course Duration: 240 mins Course Code: IC_0000159 Level: Professional Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Module9_Routing_Concept
  • Module10_Static_Route_&_NAT
  • Module11_Routing_Information_Protocol_(RIP)
  • Module12_Open_Shortest_Path_First_(OSPF)
  • Module13_Virtual_Router_Redundancy_Protocol_(VRRP)
  • Module9_Routing_Concept_pdf
  • Module10_Static_Route_&_NAT_pdf
  • Module11_Routing_Information_Protocol_(RIP)_pdf
  • Module12_Open_Shortest_Path_First_(OSPF)_pdf
  • Module13_Virtual_Router_Redundancy_Protocol_(VRRP)_pdf
  • Discussion of L3 Networking Protocol in EKI-9600/9700 Managed Ethernet Switch
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_IC_0000159
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module9_Routing_Concept, Module10_Static_Route_&_NAT, Module11_Routing_Information_Protocol_(RIP), Module12_Open_Shortest_Path_First_(OSPF), Module13_Virtual_Router_Redundancy_Protocol_(VRRP), Course Feedback Questionnaire_IC_0000159"