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Introduction to WISE-4000 remote wireless I/O module (IO_0000170)

Course Summary:
The WISE-4000 is the remote I/O series with wireless solution which provide flexible network extension in existing system. We will introduce the basic knowledge of the protocol and overall concept for each function on WISE-4000 modules.

What Will You Learn?
1. Describe the role and the position of WISE-4000 in IoT industry.
2. Describe the advantage of WISE-4000 module.

Certification Course
For obtaining the certification of this course, please go to the certification course to take the test: "WISE-4000/LAN Wireless I/O Module Series - Basic"
Below is the link to the certification course: https://iot.academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:171

Course Duration: 60 mins Course Code: IO_0000170 Level: Basic Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

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  • Module_1_Introduction_20201006
  • WISE4000_Module_1_Introduction_20201120_Script.pdf
  • Introduction to WISE-4000 Remote Wireless IO Module
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000170
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Module_1_Introduction_20201006, Introduction to WISE-4000 Remote Wireless IO Module, Course Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000170"