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Let's Learn How to Mount Intelligent Vibration and Temperature Sensor: WISE-2410 (IO_0000174)


Participants will not only know the position of WISE-2410 Smart Vibration Sensor series modules, but also have the basic concept about how the WISE-2410 Smart Vibration Sensor series modules work. This course focuses on the product basic knowledge and an overall concept for each function of WISE-2410 Smart Vibration Sensor modules.


1.Understand the markets of vibration sensors.
2.Able to describe what does the WISE-241x series capable of.
3.List out the key features of this series.
4.Understand how to help the customer to mount the module.
5.Able to extend the usage scenario according to example application stories.


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Course Duration: 60 mins Course Code: IO_0000174 Level: Basic Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Course Units
  • Video_Module1_WISE-2410_Intelligent_Vibration___Temperature_Sensor_Introduction
  • Video_Demo_ WISE-2410 Advantech vibration/temperature sensing LoRa module
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000174
  • Discussion Forum
  • Discussion of Introduction of WISE-2410 Intelligent Vibration/Temperature Sensor
  • Reference: Slides
  • Module1_WISE-2410_Intelligent_Vibration_&_Temperature_Sensor_Introduction
  • Module1_WISE-2410_Intelligent_Vibration_&_Temperature_Sensor_Introduction_Script
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Video_Module1_WISE-2410_Intelligent_Vibration___Temperature_Sensor_Introduction, Video_Demo_ WISE-2410 Advantech vibration/temperature sensing LoRa module, Course Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000174"