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WISE-2200 - Advanced - Hands-on Test (IO_0000291)

This is a certification course for the course: "WISE-2210 CT Self-Powered I/O Module Feature Introduction and Hands-On Practice" Below is the link to the course:
Below is the link to the online exam of advanced level:
Please finish the course before taking the test.

============================================================================================== This certification program validates the skills needed for WISE LPWAN Remote I/O Series. It’s a starting point for Advantech Channel Partner & RBU to have the knowledge and skills to plan, install, configure, and even troubleshoot on the WISE LPWAN Remote I/O Series based on customer’s application.

================================ Certification Skill Level & Description ================================
In this level of WISE-2210 CT Self-Powered Sensor series, the course will be divided into 3 parts which respectively are “What is CT”, HW introduction, Configuration. Understand the functions of the product and have the ability to utilize the provided functions of WISE-2210 modules to implement an application system, mainly aimed at the channel partner or junior FAE. Participants should fully understand the training slides and make sure they know how to use these modules correctly. This level mainly focuses on the product technical details, hands-on practices and some application scenario introduction.

============================== Exam Topics ==============================
Module2: CT Technology Introduction and WISE-221x Hands-On

============================== Exam Question Categories ==============================
Hands-On (%) 2 (100%)

=============================== Exam Passing Marks and Time Limits ===============================
Passing Mark: 70 points
Offline Exam Time: 2 hours

=============================== How to Take the Exams ===============================
The certification exam is as below - Online Paper Written based Exam Note for this Certification Exam Online Paper Written based Exam - A web browser is required to take the exam.

=============================== Device Preparation ===============================
The participants need to prepare some devices and install some software that will be used during the hands-on tests. Here’s the list of items participants need to prepare before taking the exam. Item Number WISE-2210-NA *1 WISE-4210APNA *1 Micro USB wire *1 CT(1:3000ratio) *1 24VPower supply *1 Ethernet Cable *1 WISE Studio (Please download from Advantech support portal.)

Course Duration: 120 mins Course Code: IO_0000291 Level: Advanced Course Type: Technical Certification Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • WISE-2200 - Advanced - Hands-on Test
  • Certification Feedback Questionnaire
  • Certification Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000291
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years