07. WISE-PaaS → 7.1 Certification

AI Development Service- WISE-AIFS Level I (WP_T700409)

In this course, participants will learn how to prepare training data with different kinds of data sources. Learn how to train and deploy model, also the configuration of auto training and auto deployment.

Target Audience
- For developer intending to bulid, train and deploy AI Model

Certification Prerequisite
- Already hold a WISE-PaaS Core Level I Certificate.

Recommended Skill
- Familiar with AI algorithm development
- Familiar with Python

Support & Help
- Technical Doc.: https://docs.wise-paas.advantech.com/en
- Forum: https://forum.wise-paas.advantech.com/
- Email: wise-paas.training@advantech.com.tw

Course Duration: 2 hours Course Code: WP_T700409 Level: Professional Course Type: Technical Certification Course Team: WISE-PaaS Team

  • 01. Preparation
  • Read Me
  • 02. Videos
  • Introduction
  • Foundational Scenario –Use RNN to do model training
  • Foundational Scenario –Deploy RNN model to edge inference
  • Foundational Scenario –Deploy RNN model to cloud inference
  • Foundational Scenario – System Setting & AIFS SDK
  • Foundational Scenario - Upload Code & Neural Network Model Training
  • Introduction
  • AIFS Hands-on Training_20220503_RNNTemperature.pdf
  • AIFS Hands-on Training_20201130_v3.3.5_RNNTemperature.pdf
  • 03. Exam
  • Test
  • 04. Assignment
  • Activate your EnSaas Training Account
  • Assignment 1
  • Feedback
  • Feedback Form
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Test, Assignment 1, Feedback Form"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years