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Remotely manage your Ethernet-based devices: Advantech WebAccess/NMS (IC_0000806)

Course Summary:
This course will focus on introduction on Advantech WebAccess/NMS which is a web browser-based software package for networking management system (NMS). WebAccess/NMS can bring users an easy-to-use platform to monitor and manage networking remotely.
You will learn how to do Device Management, Alarm Management, Efficiency Management, Topology Management and System Management.

What Will You Learn?
1. What is WebAccess/NMS
2. Device Management
3. Alarm Management
4. Efficiency Management
5. Topology Management
6. System Management

Below is the link to the certification test of this course:
Certification of Remotely manage your Ethernet-based devices: Advantech WebAccess/NMS
Please finish the course before taking the test.

Course Duration: 10 mins Course Code: IC_0000806 Level: Basic Course Type: Product Features Introduction Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

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