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All-around protection HMI (Advantech SPC) in a nutshell (CP_0000980)

Course Summary:
Looking for all-around protection HMI? This course gives you the complete concept why all-around protection HMI is the key to machine builders and smart factory applications

By completing this course, you will learn:
1. The benefits of using all around protection HMI
2. Application scenarios of all around protection HMI
3. SPC-800 spec & all-around protection HMI roadmap

Below is the link to the certification test of this course:
Certification: All-around protection HMI (Advantech SPC) in a nutshell
Please finish the course before taking the test.

Course Duration: 15 mins Course Code: CP_0000980 Level: Basic Course Type: Product Features Introduction Course Team: IIoT Department_ASG Team

  • Course Unit
  • IoT Academy_Video Script-Domain Focused HMI SPC-800_v2.1_20211027
  • Course Script
  • Script: All-around protection HMI (Advantech SPC) in a nutshell
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire
  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_CP_0000980
  • Reference
  • IOT Academy Domain Focused all around HMI SPC 800 Series - v.20_Aki
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "IoT Academy_Video Script-Domain Focused HMI SPC-800_v2.1_20211027"