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How to configure ADAM remote I/O modules (IO_0000163)


This course will introduce the knowledge and necessary skills for using ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Series Modules as Data Acquisition device. Specifically, this course will introduce ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200, the difference between them, and most importantly, how to configure them. Moreover, this course will as well draw importance on knowledge about Modbus and ASCII to make attendants better understand how the communication relates to this two protocols.


1. Describe the need for remote I/O module.

2. Understand the application structure of different kinds of ADAM converter.

3. Describe the difference between ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200.

4. Describe RS-232 and RS-485 serial communication standard.

5. Have a basic network communication knowledge and understand the difference between TCP and UDP protocols.

6. Check and verify the I/O reading Adam/Apax .NET Utility.

7. Understand the Modbus industrial communication protocol and the proprietary Advantech ASCII protocol.

8. Familiarize with the Modbus/RTU & Modbus/TCP command format.

9. Understand how to use sample code to read I/O data.

10. Implement GCL/P2P/Streaming by oneself.

11. Describe the RESTful and its three elements.

12. Implement the SNMP function with your module and MIB browser.

13. Understand the difference between MQTT broker and MQTT client.


This course has three different levels of certification, which respectively are Basic, Advanced & Professional. As certification levels up, the test will include harder questions which require deeper knowledge. For obtaining the certification of this course, please go to the certification course to take the test.

Below is the link to the certification course:

ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Remote I/O Series - Basic

ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Remote I/O Series - Advanced - Online Test

ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Remote I/O Series - Advanced - Hands-on Test

ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Remote I/O Series - Professional - Online Test

ADAM-4000/4100/6000/6200 Remote I/O Series - Professional - Hands-on Test

Course Duration: 240 mins Course Code: IO_0000163 Level: Basic Course Type: Technical Training Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Course video
  • ADAM_Module_1_Introduction_of_ADAM_Module
  • ADAM_Module_2_Knowledge_of_ADAM_4000_4100_Series
  • ADAM_Module_3_Knowledge_of_ADAM_6000_6200_Series
  • ADAM_Module_4_Modbus_Protocol_Advantech ASCII
  • ADAM_Module_5_IO_Configuration
  • ADAM_Module_6_GCL_P2P_Streaming
  • ADAM_Module_7_Web Server
  • ADAM_Module_8_SNMP Introduction
  • ADAM_Module_9_MQTT_introduction
  • Reference: Course Slides
  • ADAM_Module1_Introduction_of_ADAM_Module_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module2_Knowledge_of_ADAM-4000_4100_Series_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module3_Knowledge_of_ADAM-6000_6200_Series_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module4_Modbus_Protocol_Advantech_ASCII_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module5_IO_Configuration_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module6_Introduction_of_GCL_P2P_Streaming_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module7_Web_Server_202020729_Script
  • ADAM_Module8_SNMP_Introduction_20200729_Script
  • ADAM_Module9_MQTT_Introduction_20200729_Script
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  • Course Feedback Questionnaire_IO_0000163
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  • ADAM-4000/6000 Series Modules knowledge
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